Oluf Martin Andersen


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Page updated: 05-20-2003

Hanne Leira Knutsen

Genetic parents:

Marthe Jacobine Knudsen (1868-1952)

Anders Bastiansen (1861-1915)


Genetic children:     

Robert Wilhelm (1927)

Other relations:        

Spouse/parent of child(ren):  

Alvilda Vilhelmina (1900-1975)





Sisters and brothers:

Berta Johanne (1886-1979)

Henrik Kornelius (1888-1985)

Agnes Marie (1890-1968)

Bastian Benjamin (1892)

Helene Amalie (1894-1924)

Knut Johan (1895-1980)

Hildur Fredrikke (1897-1969)

Anders Severin (1899-1962)

Martha Jakobine (1903-1974)

Johan Helgenius (1905-1991)

Gerhard Ludvig (1906-1925)

Gustav Wilhelm (1908-1910)


Basic Data: Oluf was number nine of 13 children. After intermediate examination, he worked in a bank in Bergen. In 1918, when he was 17 years old, he decided to go to USA where he had three brothers and one sister. It seems he had in mind to have more education. Already in January 1919, he was registered at Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa. In 1920, he started his studies at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, where he graduated in 1923. He returned to Bergen the same year. In 1925, he was married to Alvilda, who he had met before his five years in the States. They had a call to go to China for mission work.  The same year,  they started their task by taking some more education at Moody, Chicago. Due to war in China, they had to change their plans. From 1927 to 1933, Oluf was a minister for the Norwegians in Luverne, Minnesota (the reason for this decision is an unknown part of the story). In 1933, they returned to Bergen. Later, they moved to the eastern part of Norway, where they lived for the rest of their life.

Source: Robert Wilhelm Andersen