Knut Johan Anderson


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Page updated: 05-20-2003

Hanne Leira Knutsen

Genetic parents:

Marthe Jacobine Knudsen (1868-1952)

Anders Bastiansen (1861-1915)


Genetic children:     

Lillian (1922-1935)

Herdis (1924)

Gerhard W. (1926)

Lloyd Edgar (1930)

Other relations:        

Spouse/parent of child(ren):

Margit Anderson  (1902-1980)






Sisters and brothers:

Berta Johanne (1886-1979)

Henrik Kornelius (1888-1985)

Agnes Marie (1890-1968)

Bastian Benjamin (1892)

Helene Amalie (1894-1924)

Hildur Fredrikke (1897-1969)

Anders Severin (1899-1962)

Oluf Martin (1901-1978)

Martha Jakobine (1903-1974)

Johan Helgenius (1905-1991)

Gerhard Ludvig (1906-1925)

Gustav Wilhelm (1908-1910)


Basic Data:

Knut came to America in May of 1915, along with his brother Bastian.  He settled in Hanlontown, Iowa where his oldest brother, Henry, and his uncle, Jacob Knutsen lived.  He worked for a well-to-do farmer near Hanlontown.  Before he emigrated, at age 19, he worked as ships carpenter in a boat yard in Bergen.  His father, Anders Bastiansen, also worked there.  His father died about 6 weeks after he left Bergen of stomach cancer.  He was called up by the American army in June of 1918 during World War I and, after some training, was sent to France.  He was not involved in any fighting as the war ended shortly after he arrived.  He returned to the States and was released from the Army in June of 1919.  His wife Margit came to America in 1920.  She turned 18 the day before she landed at Ellis Island in New York City.  Her sister, Haldis, had already been in America for several years. Margit and Knut were married in Buffalo, New York on July 6, 1921.  They had to be married in New York rather than Iowa because it was not legal for first cousins to marry in Iowa.  Haldis was probably living in Buffalo at the time.
Margit and Knut farmed near Hanlontown from about 1922 until 1935, when the family moved to Mason City.  The farm they rented was sold. He worked for the Mason City
street department where he stayed until he retired in 1964. 
They both died in 1980.

See the family picture of Margit, Knut, children and children-in-law.

(Reference: Lloyd Edgar Anderson)