Jakob Mikal Knutsen


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Page updated: 1-8-2011

Hanne Leira Knutsen

Genetic parents:

Knud Johnsen Hartvedt (1841-1919)

Helene Halvorsd. Rosendahl  (1841-1917)

Genetic children:     

Hazel (1909-1994)

James (1910-1977)

Martha (1912)

Harold (1916-2006)

Izetta (1918)


Other relations:        

Spouses/parent(s) of child(ren)::  

Clara M. Hage (1882-1944)

Agnes Brudvig (1882-1952)






Sisters and brothers:

Johan Helgenius  (1866-1935)

Marthe Jacobine (1868-1952) 

Helga Agathe (1870-1956)

Gjertrud Lovise (1872-1906)

Magnus Martin (1874-1957)

Harald Kornelius (1876-1938)

Anne Gurine (1879-1923)

Johanne Sofie (1882-1954)

Knud Olai (1887)


Basic Data:

Jakob emigrated to Illinois, USA in 1903, at the age of 18, going first to Illinois and in 1904 he moved to Scarville, Iowa. In 1906 he moved to North Dakota  where he married his first wife Clara in 1908 and where he was the postmaster. Later he moved back to Iowa where he bought a general store. He was also manager of The Cooperative Service in Lake Mills in the 40's. 

After his first wife died in 1944,  he moved to Washington where he met his second wife, and there he worked as a realtor. Jakob visited his relatives in Norway in 1952.


Jacob with wife Clara and children Hazel, James and Martha

Three of Jacob and Clara's children: From left:  Martha,Harold with wife Annabelle and Izetta