Syver Olsen Søhus Anmarkrud


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Page updated: 7-11-2002

Hanne Leira Knutsen

Genetic parents:

Kari Nilsdtr. Noraker (1806-)

Ole Syverson Sørhus (1801-)

Genetic children:    

Ola (1864-1929)

Anders (1867-1939)

Kari (1869-1947)

Nils (1871-1958)

Sigrid (1874-1909)

Knut (1877-1960)

Andreas (1880-1963)

Other relations:        


Kjersti Krydsjordhaugen (1836-1916)






Sisters and brothers:


Basic Data:


Syver and Kjersti Anmarkrud

A recent painting of the farm "Midtre Anmarkrud" where Kjersti and Syver lived from 1864.

(From painting 1945 by R. Førde).