Anna Sophie  Bjorngjeld


(Maiden last name)

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Page updated: 9-29-2002

Hanne Leira Knutsen

Genetic parents:

Kari Anmarkrud (Syverson) 1869-1947)

Anders S. (Andrew) Bjørngjeld (1864-1934



Genetic children:   

Constance Ann (Connie) (1938)

Donald Walter (1940)

Esther Elaine (1942)

Margaret Joyce (1943) 

Other relations:        


Walter Leddin (1910-1987)



Sisters and brothers:

Inga Klaresse (1897-1988)

Sidney Arthur (1900-1963)

Clara Irene (1903-1987)

Olaf Sigurd (1908-1986)

Basic Data: